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Industrial Bird Netting

Industrial Bird Netting Services in Latur

Aniket Bird Netting Latur

The key services that we are highly indulged in are Industrial Bird Netting Services in Latur. Birds need the protection of industrial setups.

It prevents equipment, finished products, expensive machinery and floors. Large financial losses are reported due to birds destroying merchandise and property. The ultimate and only 100% solution for all bird control problems is by using netting as a permanent barrier.

The nets are dust resistant and washable easily without any special expertise. These nets are translucent and hence are nearly invisible, hence not blocking the air or view and light. Will prevent from damage of products and property. Industrial safety nets are designed to protect people from product damage in warehouses or storage areas. James forms a durable load containment barrier designed to stacked materials on warehouse shelves and storage racks. Our industrial safety nets are helps in improving safety for employees, protect traffic areas and workstations, reduce damage to warehouse goods, prevents falls from between back to back racks. At our company industrial safety nets designed to catch debris or a containment of both and are ideal for use in construction and general industry. Our standard quality materials are meets available specific job site requirements. Industry safety nets must be heavy duty and incorporate a UV coating stand up to the elements outdoors. Industrial safety nets are typically lighter but just strong and flame retardant protections for added safety.

Features :

  • For Health Department inspection and Audit clearance.
  • Protects your finished goods from pigeon droppings.
  • Helps avoid ad-hoc production delays due to birds.
  • Harmless and permanent solution as bird control.
  • Makes your work place cleaner and hygienic.
  • Lower maintenance on machinery.
  • Higher productivity.

Bird Netting Services offers world class industrial bird netting solutions. Our industrial bird proofing solutions are matched with global standards. 500+ satisfied industrial clients all over India are using our industrial bird control services and pigeon netting installation.

Why Us?

  • Products manufactured under strict six sigma compliance.
  • Bird Net used is UV stabilized and weather-proof.
  • Specially processed, chemically inert and rot proof.
  • Melting point of 260 degrees and strength of 23kg per yarn.
  • Installation done with International safety standards.
  • Trained professional for installation.