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Freequently Ask Questions

Faq Mockup
Faq Mockup

01. Do you provide end to end comprehensive solutions for Bird problems?

Yes, Aniket Bird Netting Services helps you in providing services starting from Free inspection of your site to installations and prompt After sales service.

02. Pigeon intrusion and their droppings are causing problems? what should I do?

Immediately call Aniket Bird Netting Services on +91-959-575-7275, we provide FREE site visit to understand your problem and provide customized Pigeon Control and Bird netting solutions.

03. Is Bird net and Pigeon spikes installation a lasting solution?

Yes, our Bird netting and Bird spikes are the same solutions which are used worldwide currently. They do provide a permanent, cost-effective and most successful solution.

04. Can we do installations ourselves?

You can but Anti Bird netting and Bird spikes installation calls for skilled training which is done by our professional technicians so please allow us to do. We have separate Pigeon netting teams for Residential and Industrial purposes.

05. What about the quality of your products?

Our Bird control products are of highest quality that is available in the market, to give an example; the nets we use are manufactured under strict 6 sigma compliances, they are completely weatherproof, rot proof, U.V. stabilized and chemically inert. Our nets have a breaking strength of 23.08 kg per yarn and melting point of 260 degree centigrade.

06. Is your services area specific?

We do provide our services ALL OVER INDIA.

07. We have a beautiful view from balcony and window, will Bird netting block my view?

Our Bird nets allow 100% passage of light and fresh air. They are translucent and even cannot be detected immediately once installed. Maintaining aesthetic looks while giving protection is our USP.

08. Are your services reasonably priced?

Yes, we offer services of Residential Bird Netting and Industrial Bird Proofing which are highly cost effective.